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Bringing the thrills closer!
Piletilevi is Estonia’s largest on-line ticket selling network having been in operation since 1997.
Piletilevi offers ticket selling and -marketing services to event organizers. Our customers are guaranteed easy accessibility to tickets through our extensive reseller network. Our on-line platform makes tickets easily obtainable to the local people as well as the rest of the world. Piletilevi offers a professional ticket selling service for institutions organizing cultural events.
According to data from spring 2009, already 33 state- and private enterprises organizing shows and concerts are using Piletilevi’s ticket selling program as their ticket sales administration center.
With Piletilevi’s server-based on-line sales program, cultural institutions can manage their own venues and their  seated- and standing places while at the same time being available in real-time to all 160 sales points across Estonia and also in the web environment

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania 
Since spring of 2007, Piletilevi and Latvia’s largest ticket selling company Bilesu Serviss SIA belong to the enterprise Baltic Ticket Holdings AS registered in Estonia. In autumn of 2008, a joint effort saw a ticket selling company also opened in Lithuania. By March 2009, Bilietu Pasaulis became the largest ticket selling enterprise with the biggest reseller network in the Lithuanian market.
The three together – Piletilevi, Bilesu Serviss and Bilietu Pausalis – form the largest ticket selling company in the Baltic with 385 sales points which mediate tickets to over 7000 events annually. The total annual amount of sold and printed tickets at the sub-companies of Baltic Ticket Holdings AS reached 2,3 million in 2009.

Baltic Ticket Holdings AS expertise
Since 1997, when Piletilevi was founded to arrange ticket sales for the Michael Jackson concert in Tallinn, the biggest challenges for Piletilevi and its partners have been the organizing of advance- and gate sales of tickets to the Estonian and Latvian Song- and Dance Festivals, the Estonian and Latvian Eurovision Song Contests, the Ice Hockey World Cup in Riga (500 000 tickets) and the Dark Nights Film Festival PÖFF, our partner since 2006.